Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hillsdale Clean-up Day

The Hillsdale Town Garage on Old Town Road will be open on Saturday, May 20, from 9 am to noon for Spring Clean-up. If you have stuff to discard, come on down. Open to Hillsdale residents only. 1 load per resident.


Price of Admission: As usual, donations will be accepted – this year to provide funds for Town activities such as the Egg Hunt and the Holiday Tree lighting.

What you can bring: furniture, appliances, metal, glass, pots, pans, car batteries. Mattresses and box springs $20.00 each (our cost of disposing them).

What you cannot bring Household garbage, TVs, computers, computer screens, electronics, paint, paint cans, oil, oil cans or barrels, chemicals, fertilizer or pesticides or their containers, hazardous materials of any kind, brush, construction debris or tires.

Latex paint: You may dispose of latex paint (which is water based) in your regular household garbage provided the liquid inside of the can is dry. This can be accomplished by adding shredded newspaper, sand or kitty litter to latex paint and letting it air dry (as per NYSDEC).

Hazardous Waste: Columbia County has scheduled a hazardous waste day for Saturday, June 17, from 8 am to noon. More information.