Sidewalk Project FAQs

What was the latest plan that was submitted to the NYSDOT?

The plan is available to view in Town Hall. It includes concrete sidewalks on both sides of Route 23 from the Route 22 to White Hill Lane/Town Hall, granite curbs, a brick buffer on the northern stretch of Route 23, and 5 crosswalks: 3 at Anthony Street and Route 23, one opposite the Veteran’s Memorial, and one across Route 22 to the Methodist Church.

Are benches included?

Three benches will be placed on slabs at three separate locations including sites adjacent to the Veteran’s Memorial and Cullin Park.

Does the project include historic street lighting?

Yes. The project includes 16 historic street lights, 14 on the north side of Route 23 stretching from Town Hall to Route 22. 2 others will be placed near Cullin Park.

Will the telephone poles change or move from the south side of Route 23?

No utility changes or relocations are anticipated.

What is the likely schedule?

According to the latest timeline, construction will begin in late May 2017 and continue through the summer. Street lighting should be installed in the fall.

What could go wrong?

Barring a natural disaster or unexpected postponement or delays by the DOT, projects like these are carefully scheduled.

How long will it take?

Three to four months. 105 days.

How will the project managed to ensure that it’s implemented according to our spec?

The Town has hired a clerk-of-the-works, Lee Heim (Hillsdale’s Building Inspector and Zoning Officer), to represent the Town during construction. Since the project is federally-funded, we will also have a full time engineer who will have an office at Town Hall during the project. he is expected to be in Town from 7 am to 3:30 pm every day during the project. The engineer will ensure all Federal and State requirements are being met and the project is constructed to NYSDOT specifications.

Why can’t the wires be buried?

Though the undergrounding of utilities can typically be done, it is extremely costly and takes substantial time to complete. NYSEG made it clear that they will not do it in Hillsdale – the process would affect every home and business and most likely require service upgrades at the owner’s expense. Such relocations are not reimbursable for State or Federal funds and would be the sole responsibility of the Town to fund.