Hillsdale Comprehensive Plan

In 2006, the Town Board initiated a process that created new committees to build upon the vision for the Town as presented in the Comprehensive Plan. Their mission:

  1. Help identify the goals set forth in the Town of Hillsdale’s Comprehensive Plan that have not yet been implemented.
  2. Prioritize these goals based on the Town’s immediate needs and financing availability and review with the Planning Board and Town Board.
  3. Develop, with assistance from the CPRC subcommittees, sound strategies and recommendations to implement these goals and submit to the Planning Board and the Town Board.
  4. Coordinate the efforts and foster cooperation and idea sharing among all CPRC’s subcommittees.
  5. Keep the public informed through coordinated meetings, newsletters, and press releases so that the citizens of Hillsdale are part of the process.

To download a copy of the Comprehensive Plan, see below.

I.     Introduction     [download PDF – 183 KB]

II.    Finding Your Way Through the Hillsdale Zoning Law    [download PDF – 129 KB]

III.   Zoning and Land Use Control Law

Part 1   –   [download pdf – 555 KB]

Part 2    –   [download pdf – 369 KB]

IV.   Building Form Guidelines   [link to forms]

V.    Rural Siting Guidelines    [download pdf]

VI.   Land Subdivision Law    [download PDF – 1.231 KB]

VII.  2010 Fees and Deposits   [download PDF – 0.76 KB]


Map 01  –  Zoning Districts   [download PDF – 2,028 KB]

Map 02  –  Wetlands   [download PDF – 1,274 KB]

Map 03  –   Flood Hazards   [download PDF – 1,045 KB]

Map 04  –  Agricultural Districts   [download  PDF –   1,150 KB]

Map 05  –  Ridgeline and Steep Slope Overlay    [download PDF – 2,646 KB]