Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tour Future Historic Houses of Hillsdale

Hillsdale Historic House Tour Visits Future Historic Houses

Hillsdale’s Historic House Tour returns on Saturday August 12 with a twist. This year the tour will visit “future historic houses”: examples of exemplary 21st century design, and highly energy efficient and green building. The houses range from the boxy and sleek to a wood and window filled home with touches of whimsy and include a certified passive house, a net zero one and an energy-efficient pre-fab house.

In this fifth tour, six houses scattered through the hills of the town will be open from 11 am to 3 pm.

A box lunch prepared by Simons Catering is included with the tour and will be served under a tent at the Roeliff Jansen Community Library, a green building. During lunch, architects from Hudson-based firm BarlisWedlick will present a talk:  Classic and Modern: Designing homes in Columbia County for the 21st Century. Tours of the green features of the library, including solar panels, geothermal, light shelves and light tubes, will be available.


  1. Designed by architect Joel Turkel, whose Axiom houses are customized pre-fabs that use minimal material and energy to build, this sleek, energy efficient green home utilizes geo-thermal and solar panels. The house has strong horizontal lines, and an abundance of windows and balconies both inside and out.
  2. An owner intensely focused on energy efficiency worked with architect Bruce Coldham to build a home that has been certified by the Passive House Institute US, a highly sought but very difficult certification to earn. This mountain home was built using autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks, which are up to 75% lighter than conventional concrete blocks and are superior thermal insulators. In addition to being passive, the home is “Energy Positive,” meaning the house produces more energy for its heating/cooling, lights, plugs, appliances, and well pump than it requires annually.
  3. Where a small non-descript weekend hideaway once stood, a stylish contemporary has risen with a commanding mountain view, a pond with a story of it’s own and an interior that reflects sass and whimsy. This wood and window-filled home is inspired by a bit of Frank Lloyd Wright but is clearly the vision of the owner-architect and his yoga devotee wife.
  4. At the top of a long driveway sits the lifelong dream of the architect owner, a glass cabin in the woods that blends the work of the California modernists with a feature of local architecture — the single pitch roofs of cow barns. Sixteen glass doors line the long sides of the house so that every room has access to the outdoors and the deck that wraps the house
  5. Nestled into a sloping site with meadows, woods and ponds, this just completed house is primarily two thick zigzag walls under a faceted roof, resulting in a versatile two level floor plan which accommodates an active young family. It is also super insulated and strategically sited so as to use the sun as it’s major source of energy. This Net Zero house by architect Stephan Green produces as much energy as it consumes.
  6. Positioned to take advantage of long distance views and sunsets, this 1974 home has been completely redesigned, renovated and modernized in the “box on box” style. With clean lines and sharp angles, the house is positioned to feel secluded despite having relatively close neighbors. Its palette is primarily shades of gray and black.


Tour tickets are $40 each.

Download your ticket order form here.

To purchase tickets with a credit card click here.

Tickets can also be reserved at Passifora in Hillsdale and Hillsdale General Store. All tickets will be available for pick up at Hillsdale Town Hall on August 12, starting at 10:45 am.


A Patron’s party will be held at an elegant hilltop villa in Hillsdale from 5 pm to 7 pm on Sunday evening, August 13. This event honors the homeowners who opened their houses for the tour and purchasers of Patron tickets at $100 per person or Sponsor tickets at $150 per person are invited to attend. Designed by architect Dennis Wedlick of BarlisWedlick, with interiors by Matthew White of White Webb, Otium is inspired by the ancient houses of Italy with 21st century elements, making it a true modern villa and one of the future historic houses of Hillsdale.

Sponsor tickets include the tour, entry to the Patron’s Party and the sponsor’s name or business listed in all event material. For more information contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Tour and Patron tickets must be ordered by August 7. Sponsor tickets must be ordered by August 4. All visitors will pick up their pre-ordered tickets, a map of the tour and a brochure describing the houses at the Hillsdale Town Hall on the day of the tour starting at 10:45 am.

The Hillsdale Historic House Tour is sponsored by Historic Hillsdale. Proceeds will go towards the preservation of the East Gate Toll House on Route 22 in Hillsdale and provide funding to repair and maintain some of the historic cemeteries in the town.