Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ellen Lagemann on the Case for College in Prison at Library

Ellen Condliffe Lagemann will discuss her book Liberating Minds: The Case for College in Prison and her experience with the Bard Prison Initiative, at Roeliff Jansen Community Library on Saturday, December 2 at 4 pm.  One or more Bard Initiative alumni are expected to attend the event and join the discussion.

Dr. Lagemann is a Professor at Bard College.  As the Distinguished Fellow in the Bard Prison Initiative, she also teaches and advises in six New York State prisons where the Bard college-in-prison program operates.

“Lagemann…argues that providing prisoners with a college education is both good for prisoners and society…. [Her book] includes intensive research, but her most powerful supporting evidence comes from the anecdotes of former prisoners who have become published poets, social workers, and nonprofit leaders.”—Publishers Weekly

“A powerful, simple solution to make prison a place of education and rehabilitation.” — Darren Walker, Presdent, Ford Foundation.

A former dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and past President of the Spencer Foundation, Dr. Lagemann has written and spoken extensively in the fields of education and philanthropy for thirty years.   She holds a PhD in History and Education from Columbia University and lives in Ghent, N.Y.