Sunday, December 10, 2017

Everything You Wanted to Know about Hunting

(…but were afraid to ask) with DEC Lt. Liza Bobseine at Gallatin Town Hall, County Route 7.

In the early evening of November 29 last year two DEC officers were investigating reports of trespass on U.S. Lumber property off Silvernails Road in Gallatin. It was after dusk, and the heavy fog and rain made for poor visibility, yet on the officers’ approach, the poacher fired his gun. Environmental Conservation Office James Davey was struck in the pelvis. Only through the adept and swift actions of his companion, Lt. Liza Bobseine, did ECO Davey avoid fatal blood loss. “This was not a hunter. This was someone who was poaching,” DEC commissioner Basil Seggos later explained. “Hunters do not shoot in the dark. Hunters do not aim wildly. And they certainly do not shoot at our ECOs.”

Lt. Bobseine will talk to Gallatin residents about the job of the DEC in Columbia County, draw a distinction between hunting and poaching, and give guidance on how we can be more alert to the responsibilities we all share in ensuring that these traditional forms of wildlife management are conducted with due regard to safety.

Photo: Lt. Bobseine being awarded a medal for bravery from New York State Senator Catharine Young.