Saturday, April 28, 2018

Emily Dickinson Documentary, Seeing New Englandly at Library

Seeing New Englandly, an hour-long documentary about poet Emily Dickinson, will be shown at the Roeliff Jansen Community Library on Saturday, April 28, at 4:00 pm. The screening will be followed by a discussion with scriptwriter and film narrator Susan Snively.  Gingerbread, a favorite of Dickinson’s, will be served.

This film is part of a trilogy, Angles of a Landscape, produced and edited by Ernest Urvater.  Mr. Urvater who specializes in transforming complex information into accessible television, will also attend the screening.

Former Amherst College archivist Daria D’Arienzo praises Seeing New Englandly as “the best, most accessible, beautiful and inspiring account of Emily and her poetry that I have seen in all my years of curating her papers….

Dickinson described her own vision: “I see New Englandly”—a vision reflected in her poems, many of which are woven through the film’s narrative. 

Susan Snively—guide, discussion leader, and writer for the Emily Dickinson Museum—has published poems and essays, and also wrote and narrates My Business is to Sing, part of the Dickinson film trilogy. Her novel The Heart Has Many Doors (2015) is the story of the love relationship between Emily Dickinson and Judge Otis Phillips Lord.