Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Day to Educate and Empower Parents on Prevention Efforts

For the first time, Mentor Foundation USA is partnering with the Columbia County Department of Health, Greener Pathways of Columbia & Greene County, and the Center for Motivation and Change to host an informative training to educate parents on the signs of adolescent drug use, what drugs are in the community, how to communicate with young people around risky behaviors, and what resources are available to help young people who are currently using drugs or alcohol.

50 local parents will have the opportunity to hear from Carl Quinn, the Assistant Director of Greener Pathways of Columbia & Greene County. Greener Pathways of Columbia & Greene County is a community-based outreach program committed to building connections and pathways to strategies and solutions for the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) crisis in Greene County & Columbia County.

Their goal is to begin steps of moving individuals out of active drug-using culture into a new culture of recovery.

The second speaker is Dr. Jeff Foote who is a Clinical Research Scientist with the Center for Motivation and Change. The Center is a group of dedicated psychologists, clinicians and researchers, who have been writing books and articles, developing groundbreaking treatments, conducting research studies, training programs and community outreach efforts for years.  Their goal is to foster better, more effective and more respectful treatment for people struggling with substance use, as well as their families.  They want to change the conversation from the language of stigma to the language of growth.  From defects to strengths. From shame to pride and an open heart. From punishment and confrontation to an invitation to truly change.