Police Reform Panel: The Columbia County Board of Supervisors has established an advisory panel to discuss local police reform. The panel has been selected to conform to New York State’s Executive Order #203. Among its goals, the order mandates that local government perform a comprehensive review of current police force deployment strategies, policies, procedures, and practices. In addition, it develops an improvement plan addressing the particular needs of the communities served while promoting community engagement to foster trust, fairness, and legitimacy. Further, it address any racial bias and disproportionate policing of communities of color. Hillsdale resident Phyllis Granat is on the committee and welcomes your input and questions. For more information, see the links below:  https://sites.google.com/columbiacountyny.com/police-reform-panel Thirty-one Columbia County residents, representing all parts of the county, have been chosen out of more than 60 applicants to make up the Community Input Panel.  Phyllis Granat email address: hosta16@me.com  

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“Our Story” and “Portraits”

Several years ago, Julia Brandi and Marilyn Herrington conceived the idea of interviewing a diverse group of long-time Hillsdale residents to capture their unique and often extraordinary stories of daily life in this town. These brief interviews can be enjoyed and explored by generations to come. 

The footage is divided into two sections: “Portraits” contains 2-minute close-up interviews of 25 residents. “Our Story”, is a 20-minute overview of the town’s history and includes the tales and voices of several residents.

“Portraits” can be viewed here.

“Our Story” can be viewed here.

Marilyn Herrington and Julia Brandi discuss the project.

Marilyn and Julia are indebted to Elea Wilder for her critical eye, editing talent, and thoughtful coaching throughout, and to Jessica Comeau, whose inspiring dulcimer music gives the film a hometown feel.