Town Hall Re-Opening Guidelines

Town Hall Re-opening Plan

Town Hall will re-open to the public on Monday - Friday 10-1 and by appointment Monday-Thursday 2-4 beginning on Monday, June 21, 2021. The Town Board reserves the right to resume closure if a resurgence of the COVID-19 virus deems it necessary to ensure public safety. All protocols contained in the Public Emergency Plan approved by the Board on March 18, 2021 will be observed. The following guidelines will apply until further notice:


· I   - In publicly accessible areas, where intermingling of persons occurs and vaccination status of employees, visitors and the public is unknown, social distancing and masks will continue to be required.

·        -- Vaccinated employees may be exempt from wearing a mask in their non-public facing work area. Proof of vaccination may be required.

·        --All non-vaccinated employees, or employees choosing not to prove their COVID-19 vaccinated status, will continue to wear a mask and practice social distancing while performing work-related duties.

·      Appointments are strongly preferred.


·       -- Employees must wear face masks while in public areas when members of the public are present. Masks are also required in office areas if others are present and safe social distancing cannot be maintained.

·  --Employees must regularly clean and disinfect their work area.

   -- Employees are strongly encouraged to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

·           -- Employees are not to come to work if they feel ill or have been exposed to COVID-19.


·      In person meetings should be limited, and attendees should maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet from others at all times. The wearing of face masks is required.

·         --Town Board, Planning and Zoning Board meetings may be held in person and may also provide the ability to be connected electronically.

·       --- Zoom meetings may continue to be held as appropriate.



Adopted by the HillsdaleTown Board on June 8, 2021