Development & Marketing

The Hillsdale Development & Marketing Committee executes the goals set forth in the Comprehensive Plan as well as community objectives, prioritizing these goals based on Town needs. The HDMC recommends programs, policies and procedures to implement these goals and coordinates efforts to foster cooperation amongst all committees while always keeping the public informed.

Members are appointed by the Town Board by recommendation of the standing committee. There are 7 members. Town Supervisor, one town councilperson, and 5 members of the community.

The skills required to serve on this committee are varied but preferably a professional background in design, real estate, project management, marketing, public relations, advertising, or architecture is preferred.  If you would like to serve on a task force under the aegis please contact one of the current members.


September 10, 2018


Peter Cipkowski
Marilyn Herrington
Jill Sims-Elster
Howard Van Lenten
Joanna Virello
Matthew White
Tod Wohlfarth


February 16, 2018

Dear Hillsdale Committee Members,

I want to share the Town Board’s thoughts regarding Committee realignment and announce a new Committee.

In 2006, the Town Board created several new committees to build upon the vision for the Town’s future as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan. They included the Hamlet, Historic Hillsdale, Housing and Green Solutions (now Clean Energy) Committees. Their mission was to:

  • Help identify the goals set forth in the Comprehensive Plan that had not yet been implemented and to prioritize these goals based on Town needs and financing availability.
  • Develop sound strategies and recommendations to implement these goals.
  • Coordinate efforts and foster cooperation and idea sharing among all committees while always keeping the public informed.

Much has been accomplished by these Committees, resulting in many significant infrastructure initiatives and improvements. The result of their hard work is the envy of many towns!

As you know, more than 60 people attended a public forum at Town Hall in November to discuss current priorities and share ideas (minutes attached). Among the many takeaways from this meeting was the possibility of regrouping committees to target new and ongoing goals.

Three months later, after lots of brainstorming, the Town Board thinks it’s time for a fresh start. A new committee called the Development and Marketing Committee has been created and will be charged with developing new ideas for attracting new businesses, residents, and tourists to Hillsdale. We think it also makes sense to have this new Committee replace the Hamlet and Historic Hillsdale Committees. But it will also incorporate the missions of the Hamlet and Historic Hillsdale Committees – as well as target the whole Town.

In partnership with existing and to-be-formed subcommittees, Development and Marketing will focus on a number of things including: explore grants to restore and expand the sidewalks on Anthony Street, promote the rail trail, explore the use and amenities at the Hamlet Park, develop and execute a plan for Hillsdale’s historic cemeteries, facilitate the historic designation of buildings outside the hamlet, oversee events (for example, the Memorial Day Flea Market) and tools (for example, apps and maps) that attract visitors to our community. The many folks who are already engaged in some of these activities will continue – with support from Development and Marketing.

The Broadband, Housing, and Clean Energy Committees will continue their work and, like the new Development and Marketing Committee, report to the Town Board.

Of course, achieving our goals is dependent on the dedication and hard work of many energetic and enthusiastic volunteers. We hope that these changes will result in greater efficiencies and transparency, conserve financial resources, help streamline the implementation of new projects, and even more fun!