House Committee Minutes 8/13/12

Notes from Housing Committee meeting – August 13, 2012

Present: Shirley Bresler, Tom Carty, Maureen Rodgers, Tina Sharpe, Joan Wallstein, Ellen Levy

Jocelyn Ayers. Director of Housing Us, the housing group affiliated with the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, joined us.

She discussed the brochure that she is working on for the Town of Hillsdale, entitled The Accessory Apartments Program, A Step by Step Guide to Creating an Accessory Apartment.   Hillsdale, New York.  However, she needs more information from us before the first draft can be produced.

The brochure will follow the form of others produced with the help of Housing Us, but the Appendices are specific to each municipality. Appendix A lists “Resources and Contacts.”   Since there is no permanent

Building Inspector in place in Hillsdale at this time, we will just list the title , office hours and phone number.

Appendix B includes a Summary of the Zoning Regulations and Application Process for Accessory Housing. Our revised regs will be printed here.


Once the brochure is printed, we will hold a workshop to help inform people about the Accessory Apt. Program. The panel could include the following:

  • Building inspector
  • Bank partner
  • Jocelyn as rep from Housing Us
  • A current owner of accessory apts., perhaps Pat Hare, and possibly include an Historic
    Preservation person?
  • Contractor

Possible Banks – First Niagara, Bank of Greene County – who would be willing to give a second mortgage?

Contractor- Mike Sturz?, Also, a representative from Herringtons’ was suggested.

Historic Tax Credits could be discussed in conjunction with creating an access. Apt., where relevant?

Owner of Acc Apts- Pat Hare (Jocelyn knows.)

Stephanie Lane? Re prospective tenants? Rent levels and analysis of returns? (or do banks do this….I am just thinking out loud here. EGL)*

Possible dates for workshop – after much discussion, it was decided to hold the workshop after the election, perhaps the first week in December, at 6 p.m. , lasting about an hour. Venues- Roe Jan Library, or possibly Town Hall or the Church at Rtes. 22/23.

*We didn’t discuss this specifically; I just threw it in as I thought of it. Comments? Thoughts?


Postcards sent to entire town?

Press releases in local papers, on website, Town’s newsletter, Columbia Insider (RE guide)article, Posters in Town Hall, IGA, Stewarts? Others?

Email: Roe Jan Park list, Hillsdale Library, Church bulletins

Contact clergy: (Tom will contact them)

Rack for cards at the banks, Four Brothers, etc.

Talked about possible house tour of accessory units?

We need to identify a Resource and Background checker for prospective tenants.

Design of brochure – to be done by Berkshire Taconic

Assignments  and deadline: We set an August 30 deadline to get info back to Jocelyn, particularly regarding data for the brochure.

  • Name of temporary building inspector and when the permanent inspector will be on board –Tom
  • Speak with First Niagara about partnering with us on this program. (Perhaps we should also speak with Bank of Greene County?) – Tom
  • Price out mailing of post cards to each household; check # HH in Town, check with PO about requirements for non-profit mailing.
  • Contact church trustee about outreach and involvement. -Tom
  • Speak with Lex Lalli about project and suggest partnering with them on panel?  (I think we have to keep that to a possible rep on the panel, but the emphasis has to stay on the Accessory Apts…EGL)  -Tom
  • Contact Mike Stertz to determine his interest in being the “contractor” willing to work with Housing Us and the homeowner. Also, that would hopefully include his being on the panel.  –Tom
  • Check with Stephanie Lane of Housing Resources of CC to involve their staff with our efforts.- Perhaps, they could help prequalify applicants for accessory apts.? Or other roles; this is their area of expertise. –  Tina

Please comment on anything that I have left out or erred in remembering. I will be away from 8/17-8/23. But e-mail will take all comments!!!

Have a great week and thanks so much for contributing to this terrific meeting!