Parks & Recreation

Summer Program in RJP

Hillsdale Park and Recreation oversees the development and maintenance of the Hamlet Park and the Roeliff Jansen Park and ensures their prominent role in the Hillsdale and “Roe Jan” area as a place of community, open space, learning, recreation, agriculture, and scenic beauty.

Jill Sims-Elster – Chair


Over the years, the park behind Hillsdale Town Hall is home town celebrations, summer youth programs, softball games, Egg Hunts and many other events. In recent years, the Hamlet Park has become home for our Farmer’s Market and gigantic Flea Market.


A scenic 300-acre farm and four-season park with trails, alfalfa fields, public parking and gorgeous views. Located just south of the Hamlet of Hillsdale, look for the entrance sign on the east side of Route 22 below a small bridge that crosses the Roeliff Jansen Kill. Visit for more information.

Steering Committee:

Art Baer
Ira Halfond
Ed Herrington
Maj Kalfus
Christian Kersten
Joyce Lapenn
Todd Mitchell
Patricia Rohrlich
Jill Sims-Elster
Caroline Stewart – Chair
Meg Wormley