Hillsdale Comprehensive Plan

To download a copy of the Comprehensive Plan, see below.

I.     Introduction     [download]

II.    Finding Your Way Through the Hillsdale Zoning Law    [download]

III.   Zoning and Land Use Control Law

Part 1   –   [download]

Part 2    –   [download]

IV.   Building Form Guidelines   [link to forms]

V.    Rural Siting Guidelines    [download]

VI.   Land Subdivision Law    [download]

VII.  Fees  (see Building Inspector page)


Map 01  –  Zoning Districts   [download]

Map 02  –  Wetlands   [download]

Map 03  –   Flood Hazards   [download]

Map 04  –  Agricultural Districts   [download]

Map 05  –  Ridgeline and Steep Slope Overlay    [download]


PPS PLAN: Adopted by Town Board in 2011