The purpose of the Hillsdale broadband committee is to collect all relevant data regarding all forms of telecommunications in our town. This should include cable franchise agreements, “as built” maps of all installations, Internet service providers both wired and unwired, telephone companies and utility companies that own and/or control utility pole real estate.  Special note should be taken to designate unserved or poorly served areas of each town.

The town broadband committee serves as a liaison between the town, county, state, and community meetings for sharing important and relevant information needed to facilitate and expedite our common goal of bringing affordable and reliable broadband to every business and household in our town.

The committee also serves as a resource for the town board when negotiating franchise agreements and lobbying state and federal agencies for grant opportunities.

Andrew Dash
Jay DeDapper
Howard Lieberman
Sandy Krieger
Judd Maltin
Tod Wohlfarth