1.  Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set clear guidelines regarding publication procedures for the Town of Hillsdale Newsletter published monthly and, if needed, special issues of the Newsletter.

2.  Newsletter Purpose

The primary purpose of the Hillsdale Newsletter is to inform the Town of information regarding governmental and community items of public interest. The following guidelines are intended to provide equitable and standardized publication procedures to insure that publications in the Hillsdale Newsletter are accurate and reflect public and group activities of public interest that are focused on the Town of Hillsdale, its surrounding community, and provide information to assist Hillsdale residents.

3. Non-Partisan Statement
In order to maintain a non-partisan publication, the Town of Hillsdale Newsletter will refrain from submissions that are partisan or political, that advocate for or against one position or another in a political manner, that advocate for or against any political candidate, whether a national, state or local candidate or advocate for or against any political party, religious or fraternal group organization.

4.  Content Guidelines
Any articles and notices submitted by Community members and Community organizations may not contain profane language, sexual content, content that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national original, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability, defamatory statements, content that advocates violence or unlawful activity, or which poses a threat to public safety or security.

5. Town Supervisor/Town Board Responsibility
The Town Supervisor and Town Board of Hillsdale are responsible for the content of the Hillsdale Newsletter. The Town Board may appoint a Newsletter Editor who will have the responsibility of developing content and following these guidelines. The Editor may come to the Hillsdale Supervisor for advice regarding any article or submission.