Zoning Board of Appeals

6The ZBA serves the Town to review and adjudicate land-use projects which require exceptions to the standards of the Zoning Enforcement laws. In Hillsdale Zoning Law there are very few activities that do not require a special permit. Though property owners are afforded the greatest possible freedom in how they use their land, the town also provides the greatest possible protection against incompatible uses to neighbors and to the town.

If you have questions or special requests, contact Ramona Bellamy, ZBA Secretary, at [email protected] - or leave a voice message at (518) 325-5073 ext 33.

For further advice and guidance, contact the Hillsdale building inspector.

The Zoning Board meets the first Tuesday of the month in the Town Hall at 7:30 pm.


Craig Norton, Chairman (2024)
Barbara Barrantes (2026)
Steve Smith (2028)
Jeff Sills, Alternate
Bill Sullivan (2027)
Robert Bradway (2025)

Zoning Board members have 5-year terms expiring 12/31 of the year listed.

ZBA Secretary

Ramona Bellamy

Phone: (518) 325 5073, ext 33
Email: [email protected]

Visit our Comprehensive Plan for Hillsdale zoning information.