Our Mission

1. Maintain and improve upon the small community atmosphere and cohesiveness of the Hamlet of Hillsdale.

2. Foster the development of a safe, attractive, accessible, and friendly town center in which Hamlet residents and businesses can flourish.

Hamlet Development Plan

Great effort was put into completing the Hamlet Design and Development Plan in 2010, led by the Hamlet Committee. and it partner, Project for Public Spaces (PPS). The Town Board adopted the plan in 2011.

Download the PPS Plan [PDF]

Hamlet Committee Membership

Mike Dvorchak, Chair
Paul Amash, Jr.
Warren Bloomfield
Lynda Brenner
Tom Carty
Eileen Cohen
Laura Griffin
Laurie Laverack
Amelia Robedee-Sydlosky
David Ruede
Augie Sena
Marilyn Simon
Jill Sims-Elster
Mike Stertz
Tim Stookesberry
Steve Tiger
Joan Wallstein
Matthew White
Bart Ziegler