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2019 Star Exemption Changes

Enhanced Star Exemption

To receive the Enhanced Star exemption, you are now required to enroll in the Income verification program (IVP). You only need to enroll once and you will receive the exemption automatically, if eligible, each year thereafter.

In this first year (2019), your income will need to be verified by the assessor, but in subsequent years, it will be verified by the NYS Tax Department. This means you cannot miss the deadline for filing and you will no longer need to provide your income tax returns to the assessor.   NYS will contact you directly if anything is required.

If you are already enrolled in the IVP program, you do not need to do anything. No forms or renewals are required. If you received the enhanced star last year, and are not enrolled in the IVP program, you will receive a renewal form and the IVP application in the mail from me.

If you are a new homeowner or first time STAR applicant, you must register for the STAR credit directly with the NYS Tax Department at

STAR information and forms can be found or contact me.

Senior Citizen Exemption

In the past, senior citizens, who qualified for the senior citizen exemption, were automatically granted the enhanced STAR exemption.

Due to changes in New York State law, beginning with applications for 2019, seniors must apply separately for both the senior citizen exemption and the enhanced STAR exemption. If you received the senior exemption last year, you will receive a renewal application along with the other required forms in the mail from me.

The deadline for filing all applications for all exemptions is March 1.

You can obtain forms by contacting me, or you can download application forms for both the enhanced star and senior citizen exemptions from the NYS tax department at

Pamela Cook, Assessor

Assessment Calendar

March 1 Exemption filing deadlines
March 1 Taxable Status Date
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July 1 Final Roll and Valuation Day
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