We estimate as much as 40% of the Town of Hillsdale lacks broadband internet. This isn’t only a source of understandable frustration for residents, many of whom are trying to work effectively from home, but it seriously debilitates local families, businesses, and economic growth.

The purpose of the Hillsdale broadband committee is to work with the Town Board, State representatives, and commercial providers to improve service in our community.


Andy Dash, Chair
Mary Feld
Sally Lesser
Stewart Lesser
Tod Wohlfarth

Committee Meeting Notes are available here.

Need Help?

If you have concerns and or need advice, please contact the Hillsdale Broadband Committee [email protected].

If you’re unsure whether you can upgrade your broadband speed, try the following tools:

Charter-Spectrum Lookup Tool

Consolidated Lookup Tool

NYS Lookup Tool

Current Survey Map Results

High-level view

Detailed view

Top Layer - Consolidated Addresses

These are the addresses that Consolidated gave to us for mapping, the addresses they said they would be serving fiber.

Middle Layer - Hillsdale BPO Awards

These color areas are the BPO Award areas. They do not align perfectly with the Consolidated areas.

Green- Consolidated Awarded Census Block (Full or Partial)
White- Assumed already served with high-speed broadband
Pink- Hughes Net
Orange- GTel

Bottom Layer (Have to scroll down)

Current Survey 2020 status