Climate Smart Communities and Clean Energy Communities Task Force

The mission of the task force is to help implement the Climate Smart pledge and become part of a state-wide effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve climate resilience. The pledge consists of 10 elements, namely:

  1. Build a Climate Smart community
  2. Inventory emissions, set goals and plan for climate action
  3. Decrease energy use
  4. Shift to clean, renewable energy
  5. Use climate-smart materials management
  6. Implement climate smart land use
  7. Enhance community resilience to climate change
  8. Support a green innovation economy
  9. Inform and inspire the public
  10. Engage in an evolving process of climate actions


  • Tom Carty, Town Board Liaison and Co-Coordinator
  • Amy Davidsen
  • Heather Canetto
  • Jamie Carano Nordenstrom, Town Board Liaison and Co-Coordinator
  • Gretchen Stevens