The Hillsdale Fire Company


The Hillsdale Volunteer Fire Company protects and serves its community of 5,000 residents in a 43-square mile area.  The Company is dispatched by the County 911 System and is connected to the police radio network. It responds on-demand to emergencies 24/7 and backs up fire companies as needed in neighboring Egremont, Copake, Austerlitz and others.


President, Joe Hanselman, Jr.
Vice President, Josh Stalker
Secretary, Emily Stalker
Treasurer, Joe Hanselman Jr.

Line Officers

Chief, Richard Briggs
1st  Asst Chief, Joe Ham
2nd Asst Chief, Fred Miller
1st Captain, Joshua Stalker
2nd Captain, Robert Briggs Jr.

Inspection DinnerFire Police

Captain, Robert Briggs, Sr.
Lieutenant, Robert Briggs, Jr.

District Commissioners

Chairman, George “Bud” Atwood
Secretary, Joe Hanselman Jr.
Treasurer, Joanne Pilkington
Joshua Stalker
Chris Stalker

LOSAP Data Entry, Joe Hanselman, Jr.

Ladies Auxiliary Officers

President, Colleen Miller
Vice President, Emily Stalker
Secretary, Carol Hanselamn
Treasurer, Megan Hanselman


To be on call 24/7, to respond to all emergencies, and to assist as requested with
neighboring Fire Departments


  • The Department is dispatched by the County 911 System.  The Department is also hooked into the police radio network and can respond to emergencies in their area.
  • There is “OSHA” Training and other life-safety drills throughout the year.  The training is extensive and certification is awarded to those that meet all requirements.
  •  The Firehouse is solely owned by the Fire Company.
  •  The Fire Company’s major fundraising events include the Palm Sunday Brunch, the Annual Ball, and the Boot Drive.
  • Fire equipment and apparatus is owned by the Fire District.
  • In 2011 the Hillsdale Fire Co. donated all proceeds from the October Boot Drive to the Prattsville Hose Co. who had lost just about everything in the flood following Hurricane Irene.
  • Herrington Hall and our outside Pavilion are available for rent.  Contact the Fire House for more information.