Hamlet Park


The Hamlet Park has been a beloved asset in the center of Hillsdale for generations. It is located behind the Columbia County Sheriff’s Substation on Route 23, with a second entrance on Maple Street, and two convenient parking areas.

The Park was originally owned by the Young Peoples Village Improvement Association of Hillsdale. It was deeded to the Town on July 12, 1988. Over the years there have been many community activities; little league, baseball and basketball games, children's playground, Community Day festival and the original Hillsdale Farmers Market. Some of those activities have now moved to other venues.  Enhancements were added: a restored basketball court, LED lighting and new playground equipment, thanks to a series of yearly fund raisers, “Flowers to Power the Parks.”

Recent events have brought the park back to life. The Easter Egg Hunt, “Jams in the Hamlet” music series, the Flea Market, the Antique Car Show and Pumpkin Festival were all well-attended in 2021 and very successful.

The Hamlet Park is an essential part of the community, but over the years has suffered from decreased usage. Presently the Hamlet Committee is supporting the Town of Hillsdale’s work to restore this important site to meet the needs and interests of all its residents. Planning is underway for updated amenities that are accessible for all ages and physical abilities. In addition, badly needed environmental/ecological improvements will be addressed.

As a first step, a landscape/architectural firm, Chazen & Associates, was hired to do an analysis of needs. After extensive outreach using questionnaires, inperson community meetings and site visits, a master plan was completed and presented to the community. The Town Board approved the master plan, and funding sources were researched. Grants from New York State and private organizations will  be explored. There will be no taxing of residents for this project.

Hamlet Park continues to be used for community events, basketball games, children’s play area and a large open lawn area. Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the country (suitable for all ages) is being explored for inclusion too. Fun, family-focused summer events are planned. Come to socialize, relax, be entertained and play. Please check back here frequently for updates and scheduled events.