Hillsdale Painters

John Bunyan Bristol, 1826-1909, painted the Roe Jan landscape among other scenes. John’s house stood on Old Town Road, near what is now Route 22. John would eventually leave Hillsdale but his cousin, Flavia Bristol, remained and donated the money for the land and construction of the Hillsdale Public Library, now Town Hall.

Cuyler Williams, 1832-1908, and his sister, Hannah, lived quiet lives on Collins Street in a house that burned in the 1970s. More to come.

Henry Augustus Loop, 1831-1895, was born in Hillsdale. More to come.

More about John Bristol:

  • Educated at the Great Barrington School for Boys
  • Largely self-taught but studied briefly with painter Henry Ary of Hudson
  • Elected to the National Academy in 1859
  • Portrait painted by fellow Hillsdale artist Henry A. Loop
  • Married a Great Barrington woman – the daughter of Alanson Church in 1859
  • Moved to New York City in 1860
  • Died in NYC in 1909