Hillsdale Solar Law

Local Law #3 2017 is intended to protect the scenic and agricultural beauty of Hillsdale while allowing farmers and land-owners to supplement their income (and change the world) by allowing limited solar plants that meet high standards and protect farmland and view-sheds.

Consistent with existing Hillsdale zoning law that permits only 10 percent of land on a given parcel to be devoted to impermeable land (house, barns, utility buildings, driveways, parking areas), the committee is considering including solar plants in the 10 percent maximum. For example, in the event that a 20-acre parcel wants to add a solar plant, only two acres will be permitted. Similarly, a 400-acre farm (very rare in Hillsdale) would be allowed to use up to 40 acres for a solar plant, or 10 percent of its land.

Solar farms un Hillsdale are also required to meet set-back, screening, and other requirements carefully outlined in the law.

Local Law #3 2017