Olivia Parry’s Hillsdale Farm

From the early 1930s to 1943, Mrs. Olivia Parry owned and operated a dairy farm on what is now West End Road (Rene Gibson’s Westendlock Farm). Her husband Henry joined the family on weekends, taking the train to Hillsdale every Friday afternoon. Their children stayed on the farm with their mother and attended Roeliff Jansen Central School.

These memories have been been provided by Olivia Parry Bissell, one of the daughters of Olivia and Henry.

Hurricane of 1938

Who’s to Bless and Who’s to Blame?

July 1943 – Ready for a swim at Orebed – clockwise from left: Mary Parry, 14; Olivia Parry, 15, Peter Peabody, 18; Veola Parry, 10; George Parry, 8

Fall 1937 – Behind the barn – Olivia, 9; Veola, 5; Mary, 8; note Elm trees

November 1942 – Olivia K. Parry (Mrs. Henry Parry) – Farm owner and manager 39 years old

Summer 1936 – Copake Lake – Olivia, 8; Olivia (Mrs. Henry), 33; Mary, 7; Mrs. Carlson, friend

Summer 1936 – Parry’s first cows heading to barn on RFD #2 (West End Road)

Summer 1938 – riding lesson: Mr. Henry Parry, 39; Mary Parry, 9; George Parry, 3; and Queenie, favorite horse

Winter 1939 – From left: Olivia, 11; Mary, 10; Veola, 6; George, 4

Parry Sled 1938