Planning Board

7-year terms expiring 12/31 of the year listed:
Chairman: Howard “Hank” Henward (2025)
Mark Barbato (2024)
Deborah Bowen (2021)
Richard Freiman (2022)
Charles (Bud) Gardner, III (2023)
Ellen Levy (2020)
Patti Rohrlich (2024)
Veronique Fabio, Secretary
Barbara Olsen-Pascale, Alternate

The Planning Board meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Hillsdale Town Hall. With questions or for an appointment, please email the Secretary at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

The charter of the Board is to review and guide proposed development projects so that they are in compliance with the concepts, philosophy and regulations set forth in the Hillsdale Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance, 5/1/1995 (revised 6/20/2000 and further revised 6/18/2007). The principal goals of the Comprehensive Plan are to maintain the rural character of Hillsdale and protect our environment.

The Planning Board is therefore committed to maintaining the rural character of Hillsdale and protecting its environment.


The usual business of the Board meetings includes informational sessions regarding lot line adjustments, minor subdivisions (four or fewer parcels), major subdivisions, which have five or more parcels and formal reviews of site plans of properties within the Ridgeline Overlay District (ROD).  The Board endeavors to work with applicants during the planning process to mitigate the impact of proposed developments in keeping with the objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. When the review process has been completed and all criteria have been satisfied, a public hearing is held.  The Board makes a concerted effort to bring interested neighbors into the planning process so that the issues of the proposed development are addressed during the early stages of the review process.

The Board also reviews proposals by consultants to the Town and standing committees associated with The Comprehensive Plan Review to amend the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning Code. This year major elements reviewed include the new Design and Development Plan for the Hamlet of Hillsdale, Affordable Housing, the designation of a Historic District within the Hamlet and an Aquifer Study of the Town.

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