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Sewer District

About the committee:

Though members of the Town Board are responsible for the well-being of the Sewer District, a Sewer Committee was created at the January 2020 organizational Meeting and is designed to provide guidance and recommendations to the Town Board on all issues related to the sewer district and its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

In 2020 and 2021, the committee is partnering with Steve Grimm of the New York Rural Water Association. Together, they are reviewing the WWTP's sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. They will also design plans that address ongoing maintenance and sustainability in the following management areas:

  • Waste Water Resource Adequacy
  • Product Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Community Sustainability and Economic Development
  • Employee and Leadership Development
  • Operational Optimization
  • Infrastructure Stability (Asset Management)
  • Operational Resiliency


Bud Atwood
Steve Grimm, Facilitator
Lee Heim
D. Michael Dvorchak, Supervisor
Craig Norton
Augie Sena


Preliminary Assessment

Infrastructure Stability

Stakeholder Understanding and Support Improvement

Financial Viability

Local Law #4 and #5 2007 - Sewer Use Charges and Regulations


Why was the sewer project needed?

The Town was under a consent order from the NYS DEC to correct long-standing septic system problems in the hamlet. Many systems in the hamlet were either (a) failing due to leach field constraints (high groundwater, poor soils) leading to groundwater, surface water, and private drinking water well contamination and (b) working properly but located too close to private drinking water wells which led to contamination of drinking water supplies.

Who maintains the system?

The Town Sewer District is overseen by the Town Board. Ultimately, they are responsible for all of the system maintenance including periodically inspecting and pumping the new septic tanks and maintaining the pumps and sewer lines. The board is also responsible for the system's financial health.