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Sewer District

Sewer Emergency?
Contact Sewer Operator Mike Scheller at (518) 965-3034.

The Sewer Committee was created at the January 2020 organizational Meeting and is designed to provide guidance and recommendations to the Town Board on all issues related to the sewer district and its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

In 2020 and 2021, the committee is partnering with Steve Grimm of the New York Rural Water Association. Together, they are reviewing the WWTP's sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. They will also design plans that address ongoing maintenance and sustainability in the following management areas:

  • Waste Water Resource Adequacy
  • Product Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Community Sustainability and Economic Development
  • Employee and Leadership Development
  • Operational Optimization
  • Infrastructure Stability (Asset Management)
  • Operational Resiliency

In 2020, the committee has met on 1/8, 2/13, 3/11, 5/21, 6/30, 7/27.


Bud Atwood
Steve Grimm, Facilitator
Lee Heim
Chris Kersten, Supervisor
Craig Norton
Mike Scheller
Augie Sena
Robina Ward


Preliminary Assessment

Infrastructure Stability

Stakeholder Understanding and Support Improvement

Financial Viability

FAQ - to come

Fact Sheet for District Residents - to come

Sewer District Management Plan - to come

Local Law #4 and #5 2007 - Sewer Use Charges and Regulations

Sewer Emergency?
Contact Sewer Operator Mike Scheller at (518) 965-3034.


Quick Facts/Sewer Rates

According to the July 25, 2013, minutes:

"In 2008 DEC imposed more requirements after the fact, creating lots of additional costs, thus causing the Town a debt of $70,000. At the time the District was started, the State recommended a cost of $54 per EDU for each parcel because of the economic state of the hamlet. The Town chose to charge $45 which is far below traditional sewer costs.

There are 65 property owners in the district - 126 EDU’s.

Now in order to pay off the debt in ten years we have to raise the rate $5 per month.

The Board discussed the wording for the letter to be sent to the district about the increase.

We need to put the increase in effect next month for the fourth quarter."

According to the August 20, 2013, minutes:

"Last year there was some surplus in the sewer account. We have to pay back what DEC imposed on us. (We did get DEC certification) Because of this there is a need to increase the sewer fees. The Board discussed sending out a letter to homeowners in the district explaining the need to increase sewer fees by $5 per EDU. The sewer is running at 13,000 gallons per day. That is 40-50% or at half capacity. On resolution was Adopted - vote - ayes 5 nays 0 Resolved to approve the increase in sewer costs by $5 per EDU from $45 to $50 per month."