FARM HOUSE STREAM TRAIL is a very short easy walk–perfect for young children and older community members who are not interested in longer walks. It leads to the Roeliff Jansen Stream where there are two comfortable chairs situated next to the water. The water is shallow so kids and dogs alike have been having great fun splashing in the water.

THE OVERLOOK trail leads up to a magnificent spot where a panoramic view of the entire valley can be seen. While the trail is somewhat uphill, its not strenuous and takes about 5-8 minutes to get to the top. Continuing on the trail, the walk down on the other side offers a beautiful landscape facing north. There’s a rustic bench there that allows for a moment to take in much of the park and all of its buildings.

THE PICNIC GROVE can be reached either by the farm road or the Picnic Grove Trail. It has 2 picnic tables under a wonderful grove of trees. Its location is on a raised plateau that looks west over the agricultural fields with the hills in the background.

THE WOODLAND STREAM TRAIL has a bit of everything. If you choose to take the lower part of the trail where it splits, you walk through uncultivated fields full of what feels like walls of wildflowers. Nearby is the small wetland area where, we are delighted to report, the purple loosestrife is not as dominant as we feared it might be in the early spring. This trail continues to the stream and then through hemlock filled woods. There’s a wonderfully positioned bench in the woods on the field’s edge that looks south. You emerge out of the dark, cool woods back onto the light infused trail that runs along the park property line.

If you’re a power walker, the entire trail system will take about 45 minutes (non-stop). It’s a great way to get your daily workout.