Building and Zoning Enforcement

Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer

Lee A. Heim

Office: (518) 325‐5073 ext. 7
Fax: (518) 325‐6917

Office Hours:
Tuesday, 8 – 11 am
Thursday, 11 am ‐ 2:30 pm
Field Inspections: by appointment

The Building Department is charged with enforcement of the New York State Building Codes and the local laws. The Inspector also enforces various property maintenance laws to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all residents of the Town of Hillsdale.

Click here to access Columbia County’s Online Planning Guide with access to checklists, forms, and other resources.

Information about Tax Credits

Hillsdale's Natural Resources Inventory (NRI)

Our NRI compiles information about and describes the important, naturally occurring resources of the area. The Hillsdale NRI includes descriptions of the Town’s topography, bedrock and surficial geology, soils, water resources (streams, lakes, ponds, groundwater), biological resources (plants, animals, and habitats such as forest, meadow, and swamp), scenic areas, and outdoor places for public recreation.

A copy of Hillsdale's NRI can be found here


Building Permits

  • Residential: $4/$1000 cost of construction $25 minimum
  • Commercial: $5/$1000 cost of construction $25 minimum
  • Fence permit: $10
  • Building Permit Renewal: 50% of original permit fee $25 minimum

Any work performed before obtaining a building permit will be charged double the permit fee when it is issued.

Demolition Permit per Building

  • Accessory structure: $25
  • Residential structure: $50
  • Commercial structure: $100

Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance

  • Residential:  $25
  • Certificate of Occupancy not associated with a building permit: $150
  • Commercial:
    • $0 – $100,000: $50
    • $100,001 – $150,000:  $100
    • over $150,000: $150

Certificate of Visual Inspection

  • 1 – 2 family dwelling: $75
  • all others: $150

Certificate of Compliance

  • Order to Remedy Violation: $75